Kelle Grace Gaddis



Terms And Policy

The terms of business are as follows: All clients who wish to engage with Kelle Grace Gaddis
for business and/or personal growth understand and agree to the following:

     -   Kelle provides information based on intuition and psychic ability and because each
         individual has the ability to change their future predictions may or may not come to
         pass. Kelle reads the most probable future and supplies techniques for personal growth.

     -   There are no refunds or guarantees.

     -   All payment is due prior to service.

     -   You understand and agree Kelle Grace Gaddis is operating a Spiritual, for-profit
         business and some or all concepts may be foreign to you and may require additional
         education through reading and meditation.

     -   There are no refunds but everyone is allowed to reschedule once without penalty. This
         means if you schedule multiple appointments, over any period of time, and cancel more
         than once you will not be allowed to reschedule without paying again. Note: This is due
         to the limited number of hours available each week for private consultations.

     -   Techniques sold or communicated to you by Kelle are under copyright protection and
         you may not represent them as your own or under anyone elseís name (including Kelle
         Grace Gaddis) without express written permission. Any unauthorized reproduction or
         communication is subject to liability.

     -   You agree to take personal responsibility. If you do not work to heal yourself, success
         and results may vary based on an individuals willingness and ability to change and

     -   You agree not to sue or bring any claim against Kelle Grace Gaddis or any
         representative of Kelle Grace Gaddis now or in the future. You agree and understand
         Kelle Grace Gaddis is doing her best for her clients and intends to do no harm at any
         point. In saying this you recognize you may not agree with Ms. Gaddis o
n all points but
         you agree not to pursue legal action against her for any reason.

     -   You will not harass or disparage Kelle Grace Gaddis before, during or after your
         reading. Any character attacks for your personal gain; out of malice; due to mental
         illness; a weakness in character or morals will be met with legal action. Note: Iíve never
         had a problem with a client, ever. I have always done my best for them and expect to
         be treated fairly. Gratefully, I have been treated well to date and anticipate continued
         respect and well being in the future, God bless!


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