Kelle Grace Gaddis

Psychic/Intuitive Kelle Grace Gaddis, Can Answer Your Questions and Guide You to Effective Tools for Change.
  • Be Happy and More Successful
  • Discover the Mysteries of Transcendence
  • Discover Guided Meditation and the Keys to Longevity

    Every individual who is open to change can move beyond dreaming their dreams, to living them. Iíll help you find your path to success, so you can change fear and struggle into happiness and success.

    I encourage you to ask questions about finance, health, love, travel or any other topic. I will read your most probable future and help you to understand how both the positive and negative experiences of one's life can also be the clues to love, healing and destiny.  I can guide you to learn how to live your dreams and loving your life!
  • Phone Consultations
  • Corporate Training & Team Building (Guided visualization for a happier & more productive workforce. Expand creativity/Relieve Stress)
  • Seminars
  • Retreats
Call Kelle Grace Gaddis for an appointment: (206) 579-4149 or fill out the "Schedule A Reading" form for an email response. You can also join me on Facebook. I accept all friend requests.

If you are calling from outside of the United States use the International Code of (01) for the U.S.A. Remember to leave your call-back number and area code; plus the international code if outside of the United States.

Email, Call, or Text Kelle to schedule an appointment - OR 206-579-4149. If you are sent to voicemail, I'm probably working with a client, please leave a detailed message and I'll call you back. Thank you!

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