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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are you 100% accurate?

Answer: I am extremely accurate but nobody is perfect. If I read your most probable future and find a negative outcome, we work to change it. For example: If I read you are going to be in an accident it might be to your highest good to change plans to avoid disaster. I always try to help a client avoid danger, but it isn’t always possible, sometimes the obstacles aren’t overcome. Similarly, if I read a positive outcome, based on actions you are currently planning to take and you suddenly decide not to take those actions thinking “it’ll happen anyway because Kelle said it would happen,” then you might sabotage the positive outcome. Follow through is important because as human beings we have free will, choice and the ability to alter our futures with our action or inaction.

Question: How long have you been a reader?

Answer: My whole life, I was temporal lobe sensitive and able to perceive things others could not see. I’ve also lived many spiritual life times; so, if you count those lives it would be thousands of years. If you mean the number of years in this lifetime I was born 12/21/1964 and it goes from there to present day. I have been paid to read since 1990.

Question: Can you read past-lives?

Answer: Yes, but people can be disappointed if they have their current self-worth and Identity tied-up in the false belief they were Cleopatra or Jesus (for example) only to find they lived less famous incarnations. I do not support people in delusional behavior. Of course, on occasion, I will encounter someone who was someone historically well-known. I think it is important to remember that no matter who you were in the past the keys to your future are held in this lifetime. You may have “residue” that needs to be cleaned-up or healed from past lives and there are meditative techniques for that.

Question: Do you always tell people exactly what you see?

Answer: No, it wouldn’t be wise to frighten someone unnecessarily. I also don’t want to take anyone’s power by making their life choices for them. I believe in giving pertinent information that may benefit a client. One example comes to mind, several clients ask “What career should I choose?” I couldn’t ethically dole out careers because people need to choose them for themselves. Having someone tell you, you should be a doctor or a shoe salesman isn’t of benefit to you; unless you want to know if you will get into medical school or get the shoe sales job you’ve applied for. This I can help with by reading if you will achieve these goals or if there is work to be done to achieve them.

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