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Readings May be purchased as follows: 15 minutes = $100; 30 minutes = $125; 45 minutes = $150 and 60 minutes = $175. Additional hours increase at the same incremental rate; for example: 90 minutes is $300.

Gift certificates May be purchased in denominations from $100 to $1000. Certificates valued below $500 may be used for a single client. Multiple clients may share a gift certificate of $500 or greater as long as they schedule time blocks in 30 minute sessions, or longer. Multiple people may not share a single 30 minute session but can schedule back to back sessions, this allows me to focus on one person at a time.

Meditation Techniques Businesses and youth groups may arrange one to two hour blocks to be held at their location. Businesses: Visualize greater earning power, success and expansion while increasing employee happiness by reducing stress and enhancing creativity. Youth groups: Get focused on the future, release negativity/anger while improving each individual’s ability to focus.

  • One Hour Group Meditation Block at your location: $1000.
  • Two Hour Group Meditation Block at your location $1500.

Seminars The most current listings are available through the blog. If you would like to hire Kelle Grace Gaddis to host a seminar in your home, business or social club contact with “Seminar” in the subject line for further information (prices vary).


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