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Hello, I’m Kelle Grace Gaddis, lifelong intuitive and spiritual healer. Over many decades I’ve built a successful business by connecting with clients in one-on-one sessions and exciting group events. My goal is to help people develop their full potential. During a consultation I’ll identify your blocks and inform you of your most probable future. Then, utilizing the techniques of
awareness, dreaming and meditation I’ll help you change so you can elegantly achieve your goals.

First, I’d like to share a little of my personal journey with you…

In 2004 I won the Washington State Lottery’s game, “Lucky for Life”. This manifested after I asked for Divine intervention during a meditative experienceto align myself with my destiny. To clarify, I always knew I wanted to help more people with my intuitive gifts but I needed help in manifesting the transition. I felt mentally prepared to work full-time as an intuitive-healer and dreamer because of my own extensive spiritual growth and healing. I have honed and crafted a beautiful life. The transition I sought would be from the good life I’d already created to an even more fulfilling life, working as a spiritual teacher and writer.

A few nights after this meditation, I dreamt of myself buying a lottery ticket for a game I’d not heard of before. There were many specifics in the dream: the name of the game; the specific store and cashier; as well as the time of day. I reenacted my dream, to the letter, to align myself with this opportunity and, sure enough, I won. Many people dream of winning the lottery but few trust themselves enough to follow the signs so literally; but, because I am a life-long intuitive, I don’t take vivid dreams for granted, I felt the vision was important and knew to act on it.

Prior to this event, as I’d mentioned before, I’d already crafted a good life. I owned an antique store and a yoga studio, and typically worked more than twenty hours a week as an intuitive.  I’d known “The Law of Attraction” for a very long time and was brimming with gratitude for the bounty I’d received from working with it. I also knew there were times it didn’t seem to work. I saw many failures in my and others lives and at first I didn’t understand why people on the spiritual path weren’t all manifesting with the same success rate. I knew everyone deserved success but only a few were able to receive it and manifest the love, money or whatever they desired. This is when I learned the importance of becoming both a giver and receiver in life.

Attraction, what many call “The Secret” is a fundamental law necessary for success. It will put you in a resonance to allow miracles to rain into your life. But, if you want those miracles for yourself then it is necessary to also become a good receiver. Without the ability to receive one might feel like a person under an umbrella keeping “miraculous-rain” from reaching them. So it’s become my mission to help people  develop their ability to receive. I know nobody likes to fail. I also know, with certainty, that God/Goddess/All That Is only wants you to succeed. So it’s important to heal yourself so you can let love and miracles rain in your life.

The inability to receive stems from faulty beliefs and attitudes or from extensive negativity in your past or current life. Fortunately, you can heal the blocks to your success and learn to amplify your natural gifts. Then you can easily be the receiver of success you were born to be.

I speak from experience; my path, over this and many other lifetimes, has awakened me to my more real-self. I am living my dreams and helping others to fulfill their dreams. I have clients in the United States, Canada, South America, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Japan, Korea, Thailand and my client diversity continues to grow each year.

Working with me is simple; I use my intuitive (or psychic abilities) with tarot, an ancient tool of phenomenal power, to help clients become aware of what is impeding their in personal success. Additionally, I work as a modern Dreamer.

A Dreamer is a spiritual being, who has spent this (and many other lifetimes) working with meditation to achieve transcendence. In this capacity, I am able tohelp others using a healing resonance. I focus on you and dream your life becoming more elegant, healthy and whole. We work together, in a co-creative capacity, to heal you and to bring your more real-self’s dreams into being. We’l
work together, using the powerful tools of choice and willingness, to set you| free of the past and to lift you into a world of wonder, happiness and success!

As I’ve mentioned, the secret behind “the secret” is learning to be the receiver of the bounty and most often, we human-receivers need some healing. I learned how and I can teach it to anyone who is willing to change and grow. I’m not saying all of you will win the lottery like I did, but I can guarantee you will have a better life filled with awe and amazement, success and a sense of well being most don’t think is possible. I can help you live your dreams.

Email, Call, or Text Kelle to schedule an appointment - OR 206-579-4149. If you are sent to voicemail, I'm probably working with a client, please leave a detailed message and I'll call you back. Thank you!

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